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(Someone creates waste and someone is facing the result of dumping the waste. But, we can’t point out a single culprit. Everyone is partly ignorant and partly callous, including the citizens. But, let us start with the rulers. They have the highest responsibility, because they are in charge or in control of resources. Community is not even given right to the land and water. They can only be given right to waste that is dumped on their land, is ridiculous. Medha Patkar.)

Medha Patkar in Laloorinu Parayanullathu

Medha Patkar speakes…

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(That hope also lies with the struggles. Becous, if the villagers say no, you can’t dump your waste in your backyard where I am living. Just as the developed countries are dumping the waste including the nuclear waste or the toxic wastes. On to the lands of so called developing countries, as a we are in a quene to before them and they can give in your begging bowl whatever, they want to. Whether poisonous or not so poisonous. So, I think that kind of struggle also will compel the cities to rethink about what they are eating, what they are drinking, what they are using and what they are creating, including the waste.)